“LA”MILL Mornings!

A couple of dear friends of mine gave me a pound of Panama Birdsong Honey from LAMILL Coffee for my birthday.  (Yes, I recently had a birthday.  No, I won’t disclose the date or my age.)  I love this gift for several reasons:

  1. LAMILL is based in Los Angeles.  These friends, who still reside in LA, know how much I miss LA.  (My husband and I lived in Santa Monica until about 18 months ago.)  In the mornings when I have a cup of this coffee I feel as though I’m enjoying a little bit of LA again.
  2. LAMILL will always be special to me because in 2008 I was allowed to tour its roasting facility.  (This was my very first facility tour.)  John, who gave me the tour and was the Director of Coffee at the time, was generous with his time and knowledge.
  3. The last time (which was before I moved away) I visited LAMILL’s Boutique, I found it doing an amazing job pairing coffee with food.  If you find yourself in LA, make your way to Silverlake to experience this for yourself.
  4. LAMILL strives to incorporate beautiful design into everything it does.  Again, visit its Silverlake boutique.  If you can’t make your way to LA soon, check out some of the photos here.
  5. The Panama Birdsong Honey (which is a Limited Lot) is a welcoming bean.  It has a light body roast so I’m not jerked awake but more like I’m being gently nudged to open my eyes.  I taste a hint of citrus, a light combination of brown sugar and honey with a woody undertone. The coffee leaves a smooth yet satisfying aftertaste.  What a delightful way to begin my workday!

To my friends who are responsible for my numerous wonderful LAMILL mornings, thank you!

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