Skip the Coffee If You Must

by greatcoffeesusan

“I’ll have a vodka tonic with Kettle One.”

“Give me a Guinness.”

Such care is taken with ordering a cocktail or beer or even a soda.  For some, if the restaurant doesn’t serve Coke, then forget about it.

Even when we order food, we have particular preferences.

“I’ll take the house omelet but can I have egg whites?”

“Do you use grass fed beef for your burger?”

So after a swanky cocktail, scrumptious organic-grass-fed-free-range-locally-grown-truffled-meal why settle for taking whatever hot, black liquid a place serves?

Many who serve you in restaurants have no clue as to the kind of coffee they offer not to mention how to prepare it.  I’ve found myself deciding against ending a wonderful meal with a cup of coffee because of either the lack of basic coffee knowledge or the fact that the coffee offered is not good.

Fortunately we’re seeing an increasing number of highly reputable restaurants such as Jose Andres’ Think Food Group restaurants, list their roasters on the menu.  Andres’ east coast restaurants offer Counter Culture Coffee while The Bazaar in L.A. serves Intelligentsia.  I love dining at such restaurants.  I even select a restaurant based on the coffee it serves.  Not only am I going to have a satisfying meal but I know I’m going to end on a high note with a great cup of coffee.

Start asking your server about the coffee.  Who roasts it?  What’s the origin?  If s/he doesn’t know then it’s best to skip the coffee.  Why ruin a wonderful meal?